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Long haired, fluffy cat and issues of, er, hygiene!

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Bogburglar99 Wed 10-Feb-16 10:49:06


Bogbastardkitten is a most beautiful, large, long haired Siberian. Unfortunately he's also having the problem, which I understand isn't uncommon in long haired beasties, that when he uses the litter tray the result tends to get stuck in the hair of his rear end, or to hang onto the hair and then fall off in places where you would not want such a gift. After a shit spectacular last night which involved the bathroom floor, my slippers, and the landing carpet (and yesterday was a shit spectacular in every other sense of the word so BBKs contribution was the last thing I needed!), I am wondering if I can take any preventative action.

Would a cat groomer shave or trim his back end hair, or could I carefully trim it myself? Would change of food make any difference -currently on x2 pouches of Wainwrights and J Wellbeloved biscuits. Is there any foolproof method of cleaning them up when they do this? Luckily he is a big softie and too good natured stupid to object physically to being held tight while his back end is cleaned up, but I have better ways of spending my hard earned evening!

RubbishMantra Wed 10-Feb-16 11:20:51

You can get a groomer or (preferably) vet to give him a Hygiene Cut. Like a Brazilian, but not as painful. The groomer, or preferably vet, shaves his "area" with clippers.

Best not to do it yourself with scissors, as cats have a high pain threshold, so easy to snip the skin.

Re, food, ensure it has no grains/cereals in it. Applaws dry and Animonda Carny fit the bill. Both can be bought from Zooplus

Icequeen01 Wed 10-Feb-16 19:53:44

My vet shaved my very fluffy ginger boy's bottom once as I mentioned during a visit that we had a similar problem. My God, did she go for it! His little bottom was smiling out at us for weeks and our friends thought it was obscenesmileI'm sure a groomer would do a much better job!

Bogburglar99 Wed 10-Feb-16 21:48:09

Blimey what a choice - shit spectaculars or a little bottom grinning at me! It's a good job he is so lovely smile

Thanks for the advice - he's booked in with a cat groomer so we will see what they can do to help.

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