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Missing Cat

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SpainToWin Wed 03-Feb-16 20:47:04

Our cat has been missing for 3 weeks and we are heartbroken. What is the longest time your cat has been missing for but still came home safely?

timtam23 Wed 03-Feb-16 21:12:48

So sorry to hear this - mine was missing for only 3 days but I was absolutely distraught, 3 weeks must be awful. What have you tried so far to find your cat?

hefzi Wed 03-Feb-16 22:51:00

My neighbour's cat often does extended runners: his longest away from home is six weeks so far. When I was a kid, we found a kitten (rural location, belonged to no-one in the village) - we took care of him, but my mother wouldn't let us name him in case someone came to claim him. After 3 months, she decided that we could keep him (was the days before microchips!) and as we were all arguing about the best name, his owners knocked on the door.

So cats can vanish for a while - have you tried putting an ad in your local paper, as well as asking neighbours/on FB and things like that? I can only imagine how you feel - I don't have pets any more myself, but had several disappear on me in the past, and I know how awful it is flowers

SevenOfNineTrue Thu 04-Feb-16 10:17:27

Sorry to hear this. I have no personal experience but it is always advisable to let your local vets know and put a notice in their surgery.

Also in our area they put up notices on lampposts.

Hope your cat returns soon.

SpainToWin Thu 04-Feb-16 19:12:02

Have tried everything. Vets, council, flyers, posters, FB, weekly ad in the local paper, asking neighbours, several websites and walked all around day and night calling for her. She has vanished.

SevenOfNineTrue Thu 04-Feb-16 19:36:22

Have you offered a reward?

timtam23 Thu 04-Feb-16 21:40:13

There comes a time when you have done everything you can to find them, and the the waiting begins, which is really hard. Have you tried asking milkman/postman, also putting a cat blanket on the washing line, and empty the hoover bag in the garden (gives a scent of home which they can follow)?

I remember a year or so ago on here there were a couple of cats which went missing for well over a month, they both turned up, so don't give up hope just yet. Keep reminding folk that she's missing, keep replacing the posters. Fingers crossed...

SpainToWin Fri 05-Feb-16 19:40:15

We haven't offered a reward. Do you think we should? She is a black and white rescue cat, not a special breed.

Have asked the postman, tried the cat blanket and the hoover. You are right the waiting bit is very hard. The house seems so empty without our cat. DD1 said that a house without a cat is not a home.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Fri 05-Feb-16 19:45:34

LandingCat and his predecessor weren't wanderers (remains to be seen how far our new rescue will roam) but someone I know had a cat turn up just over a year after they'd lost him. Thank goodness for microchips as they'd moved house in that time. I hope yours has been taken in by some kind soul and finds his way back to you really soon.

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