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FrancesNiadova Sat 30-Jan-16 13:11:04

I luffs my little girl! Jus sayin'. blush

cozietoesie Sat 30-Jan-16 13:24:57

Pretty lass. smile Is she always so calm?

hesterton Sat 30-Jan-16 13:27:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hiddenhome2 Sat 30-Jan-16 13:27:49

Oo, she's nice smile

hiddenhome2 Sat 30-Jan-16 13:29:26

Here is William.

He is having a circular day smile

hesterton Sat 30-Jan-16 13:43:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cozietoesie Sat 30-Jan-16 14:15:17

Seniorboy can't really do circular anymore. He manages though. (With the assistance of his electric blanket.grin)

hiddenhome2 Sat 30-Jan-16 14:30:40

He has an electric blanket? shock

Now that is pampered grin

FrancesNiadova Sat 30-Jan-16 18:08:31

William looks sooooooo comfy!

Wolfiefan Sat 30-Jan-16 18:12:56

It's standard to provide an elderly puss with an electric blanket.
Isn't it?!

Wolfiefan Sat 30-Jan-16 18:14:04

Old girl who had the electric blanket. We lost her last July aged19. In this pic she's 7

Lottie2611 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:21:44

My babe, prince smile

Lottie2611 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:22:33


FlowersAndShit Sat 30-Jan-16 21:17:03


Oldraver Sat 30-Jan-16 23:52:43

This was Ernie earlier tonight

FrancesNiadova Sun 31-Jan-16 12:48:50

Oh Ernie, you spoilt puss, you! Love the pictures of snoozy, cuddly cats. I grew up with a dog, but I work full time so can't have one, so we have a family cat instead. She's hilarious, she chases her tail, gets quite huffy if I've got my kindle on my lap & is bullied by the hens. I absolutely adore her, she could even be better than a dog for luffs & cuddles blush

Oldraver Sun 31-Jan-16 13:07:35

Yes Ernie is spoilt, he has beds all over the house. He also chases his tail which is funny...especially as he tries to do it on the back of the sofa and the headboard

cozietoesie Sun 31-Jan-16 14:25:31

Seniorboy only has one bed. Ergo - he can't possibly be spoilt. grin

prokupatuskrakedatus Sun 31-Jan-16 16:17:24

Here's Sev again, picture taken today.
He managed to enter DD room.
He's usually not allowed in there because of DD's harp.

FrancesNiadova Sun 31-Jan-16 20:57:57

Loving Sev, he's adorable!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 31-Jan-16 22:19:34

Ernie looks totally content.

Here is asbo puss biting dhs arm. The paw you can't see was digging into his arm.

This was to celebrate dh giving him a chew stick.

bexcee8 Sun 31-Jan-16 22:26:24

Here's my two smile

ScoopyDoo Sun 31-Jan-16 22:33:17

Oh ok then. As we're sharing. My two a few weeks ago now.

pumpkinpie5 Sun 31-Jan-16 22:34:51

My girl :-)

Thurlow Mon 01-Feb-16 12:15:10

Can I join? Proud owner for just the past two weeks to named-by-Mumsnet Scully. She's eating us out of house and home and is enormously pissed off that she's not allowed out yet (when I go and have a cigarette outside in the evening, she sits on the windowsill and stares at me with vicious jealousy) but we're all already head over heels in love with her. Especially the 4yo, who thinks Scully is the funniest thing she has ever seen.

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