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Cat scratching

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becandgeo Wed 27-Jan-16 18:10:14

our cat has loads of scratches from overgrooming.... We do 4 weekly advocate from the vets and comb him so I don't think it's fleas.... But that said he does love being outdoors and has lots of cat pals... All we hear from the vets is a general he's allergic to fleas (without actually checking for them) even though we're regularly flea treating, combing and vacuuming...
Any suggestions of what we can do for our scratchy little fella?

becandgeo Thu 28-Jan-16 11:02:21

Anyone? He's just licked another lump of fur away sad

cozietoesie Thu 28-Jan-16 12:41:00

I'm wondering whether he's regularly getting a flea/fleas which bite him? (OK, the flea(s) then die but he's still been bitten.) Do you treat the house with something like Indorex? And does he hang out with the gang in any particular place (eg a shed) where there might be eg a reservoir of eggs?

Your vet sounds a little cavalier if he's got such a problem. Have any tests been done? It might not always be a flea allergy.

becandgeo Thu 28-Jan-16 14:01:55

Thanks for reply, yes we do treat the house... We back onto a school playing field one side and park with a pond the other... So it could be there's some there he keep picking up, but we never seem to see any? We'd keep him in but he cries at the cat flap as he loves getting up to trouble outdoors... The vet wasn't overly helpful tbh but said only one bite once can start it off... The other one we saw said it was wounds from scrapping that he then licks... Just feels like the poor lad is forever scratching!

PolterGoose Thu 28-Jan-16 14:57:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

becandgeo Thu 28-Jan-16 17:39:08

No to shake n vac but off to google ovarid.... Oh how life has changed! grin

timtam23 Thu 28-Jan-16 21:21:18

My first boycat used to overgroom due to flea allergy, he would lick himself raw, usually on his chest or under a front leg. The vet gave him steroid injections which worked almost immediately, although he could only have 1 or 2 a year because of the risk of side effects. He did get treated for fleas regularly but seemed extremely sensitive to them.

Wolfiefan Thu 28-Jan-16 21:23:17

Definitely fleas or could it be dietary or environmental?

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