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now grown up

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6cats3gingerkittens Mon 25-Jan-16 06:54:56

These are the 3 ginger kittens,left to right, Noodles, Ramses, and Ferdinand. All big boys now but still cute.

LaurieFairyCake Mon 25-Jan-16 07:03:33

They're so small and snugly looking smile

Bet they wake you up at night

6cats3gingerkittens Mon 25-Jan-16 15:52:36

They gallop around the house scuffling with each other when they meet and scoffing biscuits when they can get at the sack they come in. They are dear little souls who are very loving and gentle. Their only grumble at life is their mum who can't see why they haven't moved on to make a life elsewhere. She clouts them and growls when they go near her in an attempt to drive them away. They are very respectful and never smack her back. They are more than twice her size now they are nine months old.
Long live the boys!

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