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Cat flap for rescue cat who is not very street wise?

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MrsCocoa Fri 22-Jan-16 23:11:08

Thanks all for advice at the end of last year. Need a bit more...

So we've had the great good fortune to adopt a little rescue cat who has already brought us much joy and fun. She is a Bengal-cross. She is extremely curious and not very aware of hazards compared to other cats I've had. (She is also quite small and exceptionally gentle with DC).

We've been letting her out in the daytime for stretches outdoors. She hasn't figured out the cat flap yet, and I've not made much effort to teach her as I feel ambivalent: I don't want to deny her nature by making it hard for her to be outside when she wants to be (we're not always here to let her out). But I have a level of anxiety about her safety I haven't felt for other cats. (She slipped out one teatime after dark when partner was emptying the bin, and was lost for most of the night. We found her wandering around disorientated, having had a minor run-in with a larger animal, but fortunately sustaining only superficial injuries. (We live in fox central right next to urban woodland)).

The road we live on is relatively quiet, but I'm guessing her road sense isn't great and she generally doesn't seem very aware of risks.

Is it possible I've lost perspective and am projecting anxiety about other things onto the poor cat? Or would you be cautious too?

strawberrypenguin Sat 23-Jan-16 15:31:13

Hmm usually I'm all for letting cats outside but not being able to find her way home would worry me a bit! How long have you had her for? Does she get 'lost' during the day too or only that once? Could it have been the fight that disoriented her and not a general lack of directional sense?

MrsCocoa Sat 23-Jan-16 19:10:15

She came to live with us almost two months ago and she seems fine navigating her way back after short daytime jaunts (30 mins or so). I don't know her history before re-homing, but am wondering if she was kept as a house cat?

strawberrypenguin Wed 27-Jan-16 11:49:06

It's possible she was a house cat. Is there a way you can 'cat proof' your garden so she can get some outside time but not get out the garden?

MrsCocoa Wed 27-Jan-16 19:05:00

Sadly, no. Shame I can't kit her out with a fluorescent jacket and self defence classes.

bonzo77 Wed 27-Jan-16 19:09:47

I would train her to come to call, then only let her out during daylight (lock the flap after dusk). Initially only let her out hungry. I have a very sweet but utterly dizzy cat (vet thinks she might be have some minor brain damage as she doesn't always land on her feet and is docile enough to do some procedures without sedation). We do this with her and she's fine with it.

MrsCocoa Wed 27-Jan-16 19:22:04

Thanks both. Sounds a plan. So far have trained her to come to the sound of biscuits being rattled. Works for her, but sometimes attracts a crowd!

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