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Tips for moving house

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JazzTheDog Fri 22-Jan-16 21:19:40

I have moved with cats before but they've all been adult cats and pretty indoorsy cats.

We move in 2 weeks (only a quarter mile away) and currently have 2 adult females (1 goes out LOADS) and 2 male kittens (never been out). All are neutered.

Any tips for how long to keep them in? We're moving to a farmhouse so it will be much safer for them going out. I'm just wary that one of my girls might try and head back to our current house.

My plan is to confine them to the kitchen or utility during van unloading then letting them have the freedom of the living areas after that.

MoonlightandMusic Fri 22-Jan-16 22:23:21

We had one v.outdoorsy and one mildly outdoorsy and kept them in for six weeks when we moved (about a mile, so not much further than your move). Started with only letting them roam the kitchen, then gradually expanded to the rest of the house over that time.

It was tough though, particularly when they'd sit on the windowsill and cry to get out - if they are feeling 'grounded' enough to you, then maybe only four weeks would do it. (Also, v.easy to head back to their old hunting grounds to look for them if they do disappear.)

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