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Moving house with outdoor cat.

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RudeElf Fri 15-Jan-16 21:38:07

Slight issue in that we are moving just to the other side of the street so no chance that she wont be straight back over here whingeing for new people to feed her.

She is very much an outdoor cat. Disappears for up to a week at a time and when she does come in she will only stay a night or two at most and not at all during the day. She doesnt like the other cat who is entirely an indoor cat and still in the playful stage whilst she just isnt.

So i know i have to keep her inside for a fair amount of time in new house until she realises that is where she lives now. But how do i make it really nice for her?

RandomMess Fri 15-Jan-16 21:47:24


I don't think you can tbh, they just drive you slightly crazy! Beg the new house owners not to feed him and he will get the message after a few weeks of confinement...

RudeElf Fri 15-Jan-16 22:50:08

She's going to hate it. sad i'm trying to work out if i can keep her and boldcat separate in the house but the layout would mean one of them being restricted to my bedroom with the ensuite. I suppose i could alternate them so it is only a few hours at a time each. And they can tolerate some time together. Maybe after they've both eaten and are too full to play silly beggars.

RandomMess Sat 16-Jan-16 13:56:39

Do they like chasing the laser light things, lots of exercise then food and sleep?

RudeElf Sat 16-Jan-16 18:11:41

The indoor one will chase anything. The outdoor girl just wants to snooze when she is indoors. They are both in now and she is tolerating him from a distance. I'm going to try and keep her in a fair bit now until we move so she can get used to being in with him. I allow her up to my room so she can have some peace from him.

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