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Been offered a neighbour's cat

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HaveYouSeenHerLately Thu 14-Jan-16 19:59:01

Hi all,

A neighbourhood cat has been visiting me for over a year, he seems very keen to move in and if I'm honest I've become equally attached wink

I've never fed him as that would be unfair to his owners but he spends about 90% of his time in my garden/ greenhouse/ house. He only goes home for food!

(I live alone and have no other pets; he comes from a household of teens, dogs and other cats)

I plucked up the courage today to explain to his owners the reason they never see him is that he's always on my property. They were really lovely and were just glad he's happy and loved. Then they asked me if I'd like to take him on smile

I'd do it in a heartbeat but I need to consider the practicalities.
The last time I had a cat I fostered so all costs were taken care of. My childhood cats were obviously looked after by my parents! What sort of associated costs am I looking at? I can afford food and already own a hooded litter tray and carrier, plus bowls, toys etc. I don't have a catflap (neither do his current owners) but he loves being out in the garden and I have a cushion for him in the greenhouse which he adores.

I'm most worried about vet costs/ insurance (a relative is trying to discourage me) as I'm on a low wage. The cat's not insured and I'm sceptical that I'd get an accurate account of his vet history as they're keen for me to take him on hmm I've been told he's neutered and they've had him since he was a kitten (he's 7yrs old).

Could you kind cat people tell me if I've forgotten something? I'm researching at the moment smile

Oxfordblue Thu 14-Jan-16 20:07:29

I waited say practicalities are getting a cat flap, locking it to keep him in at night & maybe taking him to the vets for a check up first ?

I pay a monthly amount which included flea & worming treatment, vaccinations & check-ups.

I wouldn't be without a cat in my house !

StopLaughingDrRoss Thu 14-Jan-16 20:11:35

My boy is 7 and his insurance is what I would consider low (£11.50 per month) and is something I would absolutely not be without... vets bills can rack up quickly if they're not covered. In addition, I pay my vets £10 a month which gives me flea treatment, worming stuff and his jabs and annual mot. So it's just over £20 before I've even started feeding him... you'll also have litter, toys, treats etc...

BUT - he is worth every single penny... even when he is a serious pain and if your cat is basically living with you already, it seems sort of fair that it becomes a bit more official really. Your neighbours are covering all the expense without the joy of his companionship (although I am sure they agree that as he's still their cat, that's fair enough!)

So in brief smile, you'd be out of pocket probably about £40 a month provided you fed them really decent food. Its a small price to pay for the pleasure of having a cat but only you know if that's affordable.

Good luck as it does sound as though you are his chosen one and it is probably fairer to his owners for you to actually be his formal slave!

Notmeagain1 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:29:38

Sounds like he has already adopted you.

The breakdown by Oxford is about right, so look at your finances and see if you can make it work.

I also would not be without a cat in my house ( my girl is asleep on my feet right now).
I hope you financially can take him on as he seems keen to keep you!😺

HaveYouSeenHerLately Thu 14-Jan-16 20:31:02

Thank you both! I know, I completely appreciate I've had a 'free' cat for 12m+ blush

Who do you insure with, Stop? I'm asking around a few cat-owning friends to see what they're paying and will get some quotes. Glad to hear insurance is a good idea!

I used to take the foster cat to Vets4Pets in my old city and they seemed quite good. I see they offer various packages. I'll look into what the other vets offer too.

He's the loveliest cat so it's a no-brainer really smile

Notmeagain1 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:31:07

Sorry, Stoplaughing outlined the costs.blush

HaveYouSeenHerLately Thu 14-Jan-16 20:33:32

Thanks Notme, I've just seen your post as I hit reply!

StopLaughingDrRoss Thu 14-Jan-16 20:44:47

I use HelpUCover (online provider) who sound dodgy but I've claimed back over £1,200 in the last 12 months without a single quibble.. I have a £50 excess per condition which is pretty good and it's lifetime cover which is what I would recommend (very comprehensive and provided you renew each year with the same insurer, existing conditions aren't excluded and will always be covered which cool be useful in an older cat).

But good to shop around as you may find something better - the price comparison sites do look at pet insurance now which is how I came across mine so could be worth a shot.

I think Oxford makes a good point though - find out his current vets so you can take him in for an MOT (and perhaps agree to cover the cost - about £35) before you agree as then you'll know exactly where you stand.. chances are he'll be absolutely fine but worth a check!

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