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Taking my soulmate-cat to the vet today :(

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iloveeverykindofcat Wed 13-Jan-16 07:24:00

Gonna have to take Zara to the vet today sad. She's been having a diarrhea on and off for the past week and the usual probiotics, gentle food, wormer haven't resolved it. This morning there was a little blood in it (fresh). It's probably just a bug, but much as I adore and worship Bibi, Z is my feline soulmate, she has been with me since I was an MA student, through house moves, friends moving, my other cat's death, getting Beebs, getting Beebs well, my PhD, getting my first lectureship and moving across the country. She sleeps in the crook of my body and purrs her quiet little rumble for me when she's happy. Cross your fingers for us.

Catzpyjamas Wed 13-Jan-16 07:26:14

Fingers and paws crossed for you both.

cozietoesie Wed 13-Jan-16 07:38:32

Fingers crossed - how old is she?

Good luck at the vets and let us know how you get on.

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 13-Jan-16 07:54:26

She is 5 - it's been an eventual 5 years. ;)

cozietoesie Wed 13-Jan-16 07:59:51

Only young then. See what the vet says, I think.

Best of luck.

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 13-Jan-16 12:07:15

Well I think it's tentatively good news - no temperature, no tenderness in abdomen, not dehydrated, which taken together indicate probably nothing terrible. We've got her on a different probiotic and as she's insured and given Bibi's illnesses, we've sent a stool sample off for testing. Thanks for the hand hold x

cozietoesie Wed 13-Jan-16 12:32:58

That's not too bad at all. How is she doing now herself?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 13-Jan-16 12:40:00

Everything crossed that she makes a full recovery flowers

Shriek Wed 13-Jan-16 12:45:44

ooo. all paws crossed for her and thats a lot of paws in our household!

hopefully is just nasty gut bug that might need some AB's or resolve on its own.

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 13-Jan-16 13:14:22

She's well in herself, eating, etc. It's just, much as I love all cats, you know how there's one you just have an extra special connection with, you can communicate perfectly with them, and they are 100% your cat and you are their person? Zara is that cat to me.

cozietoesie Wed 13-Jan-16 13:46:02

Gosh - I think we need a picture! smile

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 13-Jan-16 14:25:15


PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 13-Jan-16 14:37:12

She's so pretty!

cozietoesie Wed 13-Jan-16 16:21:36

Lovely girl. smile She has a very calm and wise look to her.

SevenOfNineTrue Wed 13-Jan-16 16:23:05

Lovely cat!

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 13-Jan-16 16:28:29

Thank you smile. She's a darling.

TheEmmaDilemma Wed 13-Jan-16 17:10:40

Sounds hopeful. Fingers crossed for you both.

Catzpyjamas Wed 13-Jan-16 20:46:38

That sounds pretty positive 😸

cozietoesie Thu 14-Jan-16 10:16:52

How is she doing?

iloveeverykindofcat Thu 14-Jan-16 12:25:26

Much the same - still loose stools with small amounts of fresh blood, but eating and acting fine in herself. Hopefully we'll get some lab results tomorrow so we can treat for viruses/parasites etc.

cozietoesie Thu 14-Jan-16 13:17:44

Let's hope then. Let us know of progress?

iloveeverykindofcat Thu 14-Jan-16 14:45:11

Thank you I will. So glad she’s insured now!

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 20-Jan-16 08:12:31

Well, the fecal sample results are in. Zara has.....absolutely nothing. Hmm. So we're kind of back to square one here. She hasn't done any more blood and her stool isn't liquid but nor is it as formed as it should be. It was worse last night as she point black refused to take her probiotic yesterday (got it into her this morning) and I think I've come to the conclusion that fish makes it worse so she's on chicken and turkey meals only for now. So, on the upside, we've ruled out sinister causes. On the downside, her stool is still loose for no known reason. Any thoughts or tips?

cozietoesie Wed 20-Jan-16 08:21:51

I don't know whether to say Good News or Bad News. The unknown is always worse for me.

Is there any way she could have been eating things she shouldn't?

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 20-Jan-16 08:46:39

Possible, but unlikely. She only goes out in the yard and is both a crap hunter and finicky about what she puts in her mouth. If the omission of fish doesn't work, I guess we'll do a total diet overhaul and put her on some veterinary sensitive stuff....which I don't really like....I much prefer to have them on the high meat natural foods. I guess we could try again with raw. That's what cured Bibi, after all. Still, I've always been told that with diet you have to do one thing at a time to isolate the cause. So we'll start by putting her on only Thrive poultry (very pure, very expensive).

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