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Poorly cat, worried about him

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PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 10:26:20

H is going to the vet this morning as he's not well. Last night he was coughing as though he had something stuck in his throat but he seemed alright so we didn't worry. This morning he disappeared for a while and since he has come home he's been coughing and is lethargic. DH is taking him to the vet and I am meeting them there. To say I'm worried is an understatement - H is never ill and has hardly been to the vet (other than jabs) since we've had him.

Fingers crossed it's nothing major...

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 10:42:24

Fingers crossed for him and let us know how he gets on.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 11:53:49

I'm back from the vet but they have kept him in. They checked his teeth and his gums are red and ulcerated and he has lost one of his lower fangs. He is going to have blood tests, a dental and possibly X rays today and hopefully we can pick him up tonight but we'll know later.

We have no idea how he lost his tooth, I'd swear it was there when he yawned yesterday. Apart from the coughing (which he does sometimes anyway after a good grooming session) he's been fine. He ate with no problems and this morning he was sitting on the cabinet in the bedroom waiting for us to wake up and he came in the bathroom with me as usual.

Poor little man, I hated leaving him sad

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 11:56:59

Poor boy. Remind me - is he a hunting/thieving/scrapping sort of cat? (If you know - some people have no idea what their cats are up to outside of the house.)

When is the practice to contact you?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 14:15:03

He's a home bird (or should that be cat?) really. His hunting has always been limited to pond plants, earth worms and the odd frog that must have hopped into his open mouth. We were told he was a fighter but we've never seen any signs of it - he's been chased out of his own garden by other cats!

The vet has just phoned me to ask for permission to do a urine test as one of his kidney parameters is higher than recommended. They are also going to do x rays to make sure the missing tooth isn't lodged anywhere. She said he's fine though and was very calm and patient when they did the bloods - he doesn't take after me!

I have thought of one thing though - he only eats dried food. Obviously he's got a sore mouth and he won't be able to eat biscuits at the moment so I'm not sure what to feed him. I thought about softening his biscuits in warm water (it suggests that on the packaging) but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas about what to feed him? Obviously I'll talk to the vet but I thought I'd ask here as well.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 15:07:43

I think I'd wait and see if they can diagnose the problem first. The ulcers and the missing fang concerned me just a tad so I'd be wanting to see if they could get a handle on the problem, I reckon.

I'm guessing they'll be keeping him overnight?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 15:31:07

What are you thinking about his gums and fang Cozie? I keep wondering if I should have done more about his teeth but the vet said at his last check up that he had some tartar but not enough to warrant doing anything about it. Should I have known something was wrong before this morning? He hasn't given any clues there was a problem - he's got an appetite like a horse, he runs around, plays with his toys.

They said that all being well he'll be home tonight but they will ring me and let me know later. DH said he can't believe how empty the house is without him - he said he's got no one to talk to! I keep checking my phone to make sure I haven't missed a call - I know it's turned up but I can't help it!

I do have another potential problem - DH and I are travelling on Thursday night to go to my friend's funeral and then staying the weekend. H is supposed to be coming with us (not to the funeral obviously!) but it's unlikely he'll be able to now. I'm hoping he'll be ok to be left with the cat sitter popping in on Friday but I don't like the idea of leaving him really. We'd obviously cut the weekend short and come home either Friday night or Saturday morning but I'll be worrying about him the whole time.

Sorry for this long, rambling post

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 16:48:58

Goodness, nothing to do with you - you had him in to the vet as soon as you noticed something wrong with him. Let's see what they find out.

I just thought that with a procedure or two outstanding at that time of day, they might keep him in for practical reasons - that's all.

Keep cool. smile

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 20:34:39

Thanks Cozie.

I have a update and not a good one unfortunately. I had a call from the vet and it turns out he's got a broken jaw. They have no idea what caused it, although I'm wondering if he fell off the fence as it doesn't look as though he's been hit by a car. He's due to have an operation to wire his jaw tomorrow but the vet is worried as his jaw is crumbling. She thinks the crumbling may have been caused by an infection in his teeth. He'll lose all 4 canines and some further back, but the vet said he'll have enough left to eat his dry food!

I'm not looking forward to getting the bill for this as it's looking as though it won't be covered by insurance as they may say the broken jaw could have been prevented if if his teeth had been sorted sooner. We genuinely had no idea there was a problem and the vet was amazed as at his last check up there was no issue.

We visited H tonight and he was looking a bit bloodied and battered but he still managed to give the vet a death stare when she put his blanket over him! All the staff seem to have fallen in love with him so I know he's getting the best care possible.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 21:03:36

Oh the poor lad.

I should imagine it's not that recent an injury? (Like not in the last 24/36 hours?)

Don't worry about eating with fewer teeth. Cats generally do well with few teeth - or none at all, even!

Cost?? Fight the good fight with your insurance company after the event.

Fingers crossed for him. This just goes to show how well cats cover up pain and/or discomfort. Imagine what you would be like with an untreated fractured jaw with complications?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 21:16:11

We actually think it happened this morning. He'd been absolutely fine up until then but DH said when he went to use his cat flap he backed away from it and when DH tried to stroke him he cowered down, and that's the first time it's happened.

He made his usual fuss of me this morning and then took himself off outside as usual. I looked out and couldn't see him which was strange as he's usually pottering in the garden before breakfast. I couldn't see him in the front garden either, but when I opened the front door he came in, ignored me and sat under the table. He usually walks me to my car in the morning but he didn't do that either so I asked DH to keep an eye on him as I felt something wasn't right.

I will definitely be taking it up with the insurance company if they don't pay. He's had his teeth checked every year (although not a full 'dental') and we've been told everything was OK.

The vet told me he should be fine to carry on with his biscuits as he still has a lot of back teeth. He was having tuna if he fancied it tonight so he's being spoilt!

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 21:21:59

There you go - it was just the 'crumbling' and the 'infection' bits. They didn't sound to me as if they would happen in a few hours. I'd have to think car, I reckon.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 21:26:55

I got the impression (although I was struggling to take everything in) that the infection and crumbling had been present for a while and something happened this morning that left him with a broken jaw. I thought car but the vet doesn't agree as there's no other trauma. I think this will be one of life's mysteries!

Thank you so much for your support today Cozie.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 21:42:15

How are you and DH doing? I'm guessing it's the cat sitter and the flying visit at the weekend? (If he's out of care by then of course. )

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 21:53:02

We're not bad thanks, it wouldn't take a lot for me to cry and I think DH is the same, although he's better at hiding it! I'm currently sitting here listening to David Bowie - probably not the best!

Yes, our cat sitter has said she's happy to come in (she loves him) and we'll do a flying visit to the funeral. I said to DH earlier that we're 11 days in to 2016 and so far my friend has died, my uncle has collapsed and needs a heart op, my aunt is waiting for a bone scan to seen if her cancer has spread and now H is poorly. I'll be glad to see the back of 2016!

LiquorsOnDeck Mon 11-Jan-16 22:01:56

Really hope your cat is comfortable now. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. He sounds lovely.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 22:03:46

It's a dark month for you right enough so you must both take care of yourselves.

Maybe have a quiet word with the vet and see what the possibilities are for H staying there for a couple of extra post-op days if he's a bit poorly and given circumstances? It might ease your mind to know you had the option if you could.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 11-Jan-16 22:18:11

Thank you, we will.

That's a good idea, I'll see how it goes tomorrow and speak to the vet. One good thing about this practice, unlike the previous one, is that we don't mind which vet we see as they are all lovely.

Thanks Liquors. I know I'm biased but he is lovely - an excuse for a gratuitous picture or two!

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 22:26:47

Great pictures. Try to get some sleep and keep us up to date with progress?

Fingers crossed for him.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 22:27:14

Great pictures. Try to get some sleep and keep us up to date with progress?

Fingers crossed for him.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Jan-16 22:28:10

Oops. Not the app's finest hour, I think. wink

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 12-Jan-16 09:28:40

I've spoken to the vet and Harry had a comfortable night. They tried to get him to eat something and he refused but I pointed out he's very fussy and will only eat James Wellbeloved biscuits or tuna in spring water. I'm going to take some in at lunchtime (and his own bowl as he's fussy with those as well!) and hopefully he'll eat something. Providing today goes OK and he starts eating he'll be allowed home.

Fingers crossed for good news later on. I'm still half expecting bad news but hopefully I'm wrong and he'll be home soon.

cozietoesie Tue 12-Jan-16 09:44:49

Poor lad - and a small show of temperament there? ('They can do X,Y or Z to me but I'm blowed if I'll give them the satisfaction of me noshing!' wink)

When is his wiring op to be undertaken?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 12-Jan-16 10:04:44

I think it could be - go Harry! When we were there last night I looked at the litter tray in his pen and thought 'good luck with getting him to use that'! It's tiny with a handful of pellets in it whereas Harry is used to a huge tray with ankle deep Catsan!

They are hoping to do his op later on today and will give me an update later. I had a doctor's appointment at lunchtime and I've now cancelled that so I can take his food over sooner rather than later.

cozietoesie Tue 12-Jan-16 10:16:43

It does make you wonder what sort of trays some owners offer, I must say. wink

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