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Puking daily :(

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StillMedusa Sun 10-Jan-16 20:01:10

Portia has always been a puker.. she's a long haired girl and very fastidious about her grooming and so hairballs have been a fact of life. She has had hairball formula dried stuff (but generally eats wet food) but it has never really helped.

At her last check uo the vet said she had slightly thickened intestines due to her age (16) and gave me some tasty cat laxative paste to try and hurry her hairballs down and out rather than up. Needless to say she refused it.

Over xmas she has thrown up pretty much every day. Often with hairballs in it, but sometimes just food sad She's tiny anyway..a 6 pounder but feisty as hell.. can't get pills into her (even the vet struggles).

I'm taking her again this week... but realistically is there anything they can DO? I don't think she is ill as such..she is still slapping me awake, purring, still herself. But there is a vomit stain just about every other foot of carpet upstairs sad (and it does stain unless I am there the moment she does it) and I am worried about her quality of life sad

isamonster Sun 10-Jan-16 20:57:22

Have you had her kidney function checked? There are other things but that is the common one at her age perhaps. Dont lose heart just yet - I know it is horrible - my aged boy has liquid meds I squirt in his food and he's doing just fine. Best of luck. You can do a lot through diet and medication to keep things calm and happy. Sending her a squeeze though sounds like she'd bat me off!

isamonster Sat 16-Jan-16 20:45:50

Did you take her to the vet's? Just wondering how she's doing... Mine had a crisis this week and ended up hospitalised for two days. He's back now. Rehydrated and much happier. Almost like I tempted fate being so positive. Vet was really convinced we're not at the end just yet and he's still very strong, determined and himself most of the time. Good luck

StillMedusa Sat 16-Jan-16 22:08:09

I did... and for your enjoyment will copy what I posted on Fb to amuse my friends who know her...

<<Took Portia to the vets ... throwing up more than usual, and her claws are long due to refusing to go out in winter.

'Ah,' says the vet.. 'Out you come, grumpy' One minute and a bleeding finger later...

Grumpy's mood is not improved by the thermometer up the bum, or the injection or having her innards felt. Then I mentioned the claws.

'I assume she won't let you do this at home'

Erm.... one determined vet and an equally determined Portia meant it was not an easy task.

'Well' says he, ' She's getting on a bit but I can't find anything worrying. If she keeps being sick bring her back and I'll draw blood. Or she will... '


lljkk Sat 16-Jan-16 22:24:48


isamonster Sat 16-Jan-16 22:30:26


Don't mess with Portia! She's still the boss... Mine nearly took the vet's hand off when she tried to squirt something in his ear...

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