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Question for you cat experts

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MadauntofA Thu 07-Jan-16 20:15:27

My cat loves hunting. We have had a variety of mostly dead creatures, but he mainly brings in mice now. He seems to eat most of the mouse but always leaves a bit in his empty food bowl - generally a kidney/ some guts or a leg. Why??? leave a bit - is it a present for me?! He doesn't come back for it. It isn't always the same bit so can't be taste? I don't mind too much as it is easy to tip out then clean his bowl, but I'm curious!

PolterGoose Thu 07-Jan-16 22:06:21

I'm impressed that your cat leaves his leftovers in his dish, PolterCat leave them in the middle of the kitchen or camouflaged on the doormat to get stuck in the washing machine seal hmm

I heard that there's an organ that's not very nice so they leave it. I may have imagined it though confused

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