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Cat flap fitted through a wall? Cost?

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Princesspigeon Wed 06-Jan-16 22:14:41

The best option for us is having a cat flap fitted through a single skin brick wall, we had a quote for £350 including a sureflap pet door (think our boy cat is going to be big when fully grown!). Does this sound ok?
It's a lot of money but I'm getting sick of playing butler several multiple times a day hmm

cozietoesie Thu 07-Jan-16 06:08:57

Was it your only quote, Princess? It sounds just a tad on the higher side to me but I guess it depends where you live.

Princesspigeon Thu 07-Jan-16 09:24:47

Yes, it is the only quote - it's in the Midlands and he is the only person I could find who specialises in fitting cat flaps.
I suppose a regular builder should be able to do it but we had a lot of hassle with the builders we had doing work on our house last summer so it's sort of put me off!

PeaceOfWildThings Thu 07-Jan-16 09:28:49

We had a hole made for a dryer outlet already, and I bought a couple of chisels and widened the hole myself. Hard work, but not impossible!

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