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Transferring cat to the kitchen

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frikadela01 Sun 03-Jan-16 00:02:40

I'm after some advice regarding rehousing the cat in the kitchen.
Cat is an indoor only cat and has been for a good 10 years so going outside is no longer an option (nothing to do with me, hate indoor only cats but this is dp cat who lived here before me). At the moment he lives in the spare bedroom with his litter tray and food being in there and a bed for him to sleep on whilst we are at work. He has access to this room and the stairs while we are out because he'd set the alarm off in other rooms if he could access them. He has free reign of the house when we are in.
However I'm now pregnant and the spare room will be the babies room so the litter tray and what not will have to go in the kitchen. We're going to have to get a smaller litter tray as the one he has is too big for the kitchen.

Basically I'm just after advice on how to transition him down there without too much fuss. He's a stubborn bugger and I'm worried he's just going to keep trying to get into the spare room which afterall has been his domain for a good 10 years.

So advice, warnings, tips. All will be greatly received.

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