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Bit worried about things the cat is eating

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CherryPits Tue 29-Dec-15 00:13:30

I have over the Christmas holiday found our cat has thrown up three times and in this sick I found

1. tinsel (a substantial piece about 3 inches long)
2. bits of paper from the tree (fake, green bits)
3. a tiny lightbulb from the tree

Is this remotely normal? She is fine otherwise and eating normally.

I think I'm going to take down all the decorations tomorrow as I'm worried she is going to harm herself.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 29-Dec-15 06:40:47

All of these can cause serious obstructions so watch the cat carefully and if there are any signs of illness you should go to the vet.
Some pets can not be trusted with decorations and you need to keep them out of their reach.

cozietoesie Tue 29-Dec-15 09:19:37

My boys have always (thankfully) ignored Xmas decorations but they have a passion for those thick rubber bands that posties use for keeping letters together and sometimes discard carelessly. Smell or chewing texture, I don't know.

It's not too bad with the indoor boys but I would certainly pick up and dispose of any I saw outside in light of any outside-going cats.

Out of interest, Lone, is your practice full this week of emergency appointments for dogs who may have eaten unfortunate things? (Cats are usually halfway sensible but dogs...........) grin

BeaufortBelle Tue 29-Dec-15 09:35:41

Mine chews wires. Countless phone chargers and computer cables and bit through the tree lights. In spite of smearing with washing up liquid, etc. I honestly don't know how he's never been electrocuted. Oh, and the lillies £1,126.27 after the lily snack

CherryPits Tue 29-Dec-15 12:54:59

Thank you everyone. Our vet knows us well and of course, first sign of anything unusual and we're off there like a shot.

Thanks again.

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