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Do any of your cats 'play dead' at the vets?

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StillMedusa Tue 22-Dec-15 23:58:55

Is it a Maine Coon thing?
Tonight was jabs night...
Obie stalked out of his (dog sized) basket glared at the vet, had his jabs and then tried to stalk onto the vets counter and whack down the syringe... bad ass to the bone.

Ophie faked sleep in her basket.. was gently removed whereupon she flopped on her side and went completely limp. Had her jabs and lay there. Went to usher her back into her basket... nope.. completely floppy and when the vet, laughing, nudged her back end she concertina'd up in a floppy set of wrinkles! In the end he lifted her, where she lay over his hand like a jelly until back in her basket!

Morph used to do EXACTLY the same.. hence finding it funny not worrying. But I've never seen any other cats DO this!

LetBartletBeBartlet Wed 23-Dec-15 00:01:08

Not at the vets, but my MC does this whenever he doesn't want to move/be moved.

Just goes totally floppy like a dead weight (in the manner of a determined toddler)

stareatthetvscreen Wed 23-Dec-15 00:15:58

my siamese likes to use their computer keyboard

cozietoesie Wed 23-Dec-15 00:19:47

Seniorboy flirts. Outrageously.

It's almost embarrassing.


MistressoftheYoniverse Wed 23-Dec-15 00:36:05

When we tried to put a cat lead on our big boy he would just lie on the floor and go limp you could literally drag him along the ground... so funny grin

Kikigetty Wed 23-Dec-15 00:50:49

Mine does the same mistress! I bought the harness and lead to try it out. She let me put it on her with no fuss and then just laid on her back and wouldn't move. I thought I'd broken hergrin

MistressoftheYoniverse Wed 23-Dec-15 00:55:30

grin kiki same! would put it on him and he would just lie prone wearing it with a face...

VimFuego101 Wed 23-Dec-15 00:57:25

One of our cats does this. She's an odd one, she chews and fetches like a puppy. All other cats I've ever had run or fight - she just flops.

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