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Fleas... Again

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BrandNewSlippers Mon 14-Dec-15 08:46:33

I noticed fleas on our cat about a month ago, treated with over the counter frontline, which did nothing so took cat to the vet about 2 weeks ago. He gave her an injection to stop the eggs being viable (can't remember what it's called). He also gave me some stronghold which I put on her a week ago.

All seemed good for a few days but I've just seen two of the buggers this morning. One was on the cat and the other hopped into my water. I have hoovered and sprayed, but maybe not as much as I could have, definitely not everyday (I've got a very Hoover phobic toddler which makes it a bit tricky).

Shouldn't the treatment have worked by now despite the lack lustre hoovering?? Please tell me what to do next, I really don't want another infestation

CarbeDiem Mon 14-Dec-15 09:32:59

It will be a new cycle of eggs hatching sadly. If you missed just one little patch, say on a carpet, where the eggs were dormant then they will hatch.
Obsessive hoovering and retreating your home is the only way to be rid.

I once got fed up with treating my cat with chemicals, they stopped working so I turned to natural remedies.
The best I found and used was cider vinegar.
This was only on the cat though - it wouldn't work if you had an infestation, your home would need to be clear first before trying it out.
Basically you use a pipette to drop 3/4 drops onto the back of cats neck, as you would the frontline. I started doing it once a week then once a fortnight. You can try a few drops in the water bowl too - it just depends if the cat will drink it - one of mine would but one wouldn't.
It works by repelling the fleas from the cat. As it sinks in and gets in the blood stream it must give out a pong of some sort which fleas don't like so they don't stick around on the cat. It worked for me.
But like I said the house needs to be clear first, as it will stop the cat from bringing them in but if they're already in they will just keep feeding from people if the cat is too stinky for them.
Good luck!

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