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"Cozy" house and cats :(

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CumbriaMum91 Sun 13-Dec-15 03:17:35

I feel like my house is so clinical and that's probably because it's empty of belongings! The kittens aren't old enough to go outside yet and this weather is appalling anyways so they're inside 24/7 and they will destroy anything left out. My adult cat isn't a fuss... Just loses a lot of ginger hair that my hoover ignores for some reason sighs

My sofa, curtains and wallpaper are totally ruined to the point of replacing and i have to have vinyl floor for clean up purposes (they drag poop and litter out of the hooded trays even with mat surrounds) and can't even have a rug or objects on the fireplace/shelves. It all gets trashed.

They have a 5-6ft scratch post mansion (torn to shreds now), toys, catnip, etc. You name it. I never catch them in the act because they wait until i go to bed or leave the house. They play happily when i'm in there, it's not boredom they choose destruction over their toys when i go. They flip water bowls or run into them and splash it everywhere.

How do people have nice, cozy homes for their kids and have pets too? Because it feels so cold and clinical and it's making me really low sad A house isn't a home without cats but i don't know if i can cope anymore coz it doesn't feel like one anyway.

cozietoesie Sun 13-Dec-15 11:00:02

How old are they? (I suspect that you're in the middle of the worst of it right now.wink)

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 13-Dec-15 19:31:39

How much of the house do they have access to while you are out?. I limit ours but he goes out.

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