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my cat has had a raised temp for weeks, what on is it, vets stumped.

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imjustahead Sat 12-Dec-15 00:02:09

Hi there, about six wees ago my 4 yr old cat was lethargic and poorly for about 4 days, didn't want to eat, just slept on my bed.

Took him in to vets, he showed signs of being uncomfortable in back third of spine/ when pressed down. Possible stomach pain? but no lumps or enlargement. So they gave him a shot of antibiotics, and tablet antibiotics for 5 days as temp raised.

I also got a FELv test and blood test done there and then, as have had a cat die on me from FElv,within days of very similar symptoms, and i just wanted to know.
These tests were clear, tho he did have slightly lowered lymphocites.

One vet said, stress, another said typical virus.

In this time he was also doing small hard poos in his bed, almost as if he couldn't help it or just didn't know he was doing them. Sometimes he would have a very soft poop still on his bum. Took him back, still had a temp.

Different vet said lets give him some paste to help his tummy calm, and feed him some bland food, to help the poo thing. This was over a week and did help alot. I went back to the vet, he still had a temp.

Prescribed more anitbiotics.

So, poo samples sent off, bloods taken and sent off to lab, in house urine test done. Came back negative, except for the slightly still low lymphocites, but other parts to do with this were fine.

So i am here a week on and he's still not right, very down, sleeping quite a bit, he's just not right.

He is eating, is drinking, has done normal poops, no nausea throughout any of it. It's a puzzle. Any thoughts or vets out there who could comment?

Vet said the next step could be getting Feliway diffuser, as some cats do get a temp from stress? It has been very stressful in our home, this is true, but the initial sickness was severe. It's like he hasn't got over something. I was hoping he would improve but he hasn't and i am so so sad about it. He goes out, he comes in but he's just not the same boy.

sorry for the length of this, but i just needed to get all of it out, and down as i needed some thoughts. thanks x

imjustahead Sat 12-Dec-15 08:45:30

bump xx

imjustahead Sun 13-Dec-15 10:35:33

anyone has a similar experience with a cat? x

VimFuego101 Sun 13-Dec-15 10:40:40

Has the vet re-checked his back? I wonder if he got hit by a car, the lack of bowel control might indicate some damage there.

imjustahead Sun 13-Dec-15 19:41:38

hi yes the back has been rechecked, no signs of discomfort there, no dipping etc...

She checked his bum, he had control there. Yet without xrays or sedation they can't examine him further up.

Not eating much today, warm ears. Guess i need to go back to the vets.

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