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Help with my cat if possible - much appreciated!

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JellyTotBean Mon 07-Dec-15 19:18:33

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can offer me any advice as I'm at a loss.

I have a 2 year old female tabby (spayed) and 2 weeks ago she went missing for 2 days. She came home, was all ok but looked all tired. I put it down to her being tired and out for so long. She stayed in for 2 days then disappeared for 2 days again. Came back and then started hissing at the back door every time it was opened (also have other cats). So this week she went missing for 2 days again. Came home today and is hissing at the door again and now has started hissing at the kids (something she's never ever done). She's fine with me and fine with the kids touching her but every so often will look at them and hiss. She's been wailing a lot too - which I put down to hunger so I've fed her and she's quietened down. But she went asleep in the kitchen at first in the doorway and that's not her at all. She's turned her back now to us all as if in a foul mood and is in the furthest corner to everyone.

I'm really worried that something is up with her because she keeps going off and the way she's acting. Could she be forgetting where she lives or losing scent to get home? We've been in the same house for years so it's not new surroundings.

thecatneuterer Mon 07-Dec-15 21:44:39

That's all unusual and any such significant change in behaviour is worrying. The first thing you need to do is to get her checked out at the vet.

JellyTotBean Mon 07-Dec-15 21:57:42

Thank you. I was thinking of taking her to the vet but was unsure if it was me being silly as all the kitties are my little fur babies and I'm told I'm too precious with them sometimes.

Will make an appointment first thing tomorrow.

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