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I saw an ad for homes for abandoned kittens on pet shop door!

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Pangurban1 Sun 29-Nov-15 15:26:18

Just that. I was on my way to a bakery and on the way stopped to look at the small ads placed on the door of a pet shop. People looking for missing pets, ads for pets to purchase etc.

There was a piece of paper stating that the writer had 3 kittens, roughly 10 weeks old, which had been abandoned outside and they were looking for homes. They are not charging anything from them, but I presume they will need all their shots and neutering.

I haven't rang the phone number, but am very tempted ring and find out if any are left. I would find it difficult to choose if all three were still there. Or if two were left and I had to leave one. It may be moot as they may all be rehomed by now.

I would have to clear out a back room we use for storage to give them a good clear space and accommodate their litter etc.

I did think the writer may just not have neutered her cat, but these bods need a home either which way.

I don't have a photo! One grey/white splurges and two tabby. Sex not known by advertiser. Maybe they haven't seen a vet yet.

I know there are many animals in animal shelters ready for rehoming and I donate to one already. It is just that this caught my eye.

My own cat had to be put down because of cancer.

Palomb Sun 29-Nov-15 15:28:26

You will be giving a kitten a home whether you get it from an advert, a friend, some random person on Facebook or a rescue centre.

As long as your not paying for it then I don't see that it really makes a jot of difference.

trudgingalong Sun 29-Nov-15 15:29:19

Well, kittens will be snatched up. Personally I'll never have another kitten. I love and adore them but there are so many adult cats pining in rescue centres.

We got a gorgeous one a few weeks ago - he'd been there months. He is such a lovely natured cat; no trouble at all, and we have had a number of upsets this year and he has really helped gel us all as a family again, daft as it sounds!

thecatneuterer Sun 29-Nov-15 17:08:42

Well if they're not charging then the story may well be true. If you take them then at least they will all go to a good home. It's very sad to split them up though. Ideally they should all be homed together. This isn't an ideal world though of course. If there is a pair left then you should definitely get both.

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