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We might be getting kittened up.

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ShutUpLegs Thu 26-Nov-15 20:07:28

The DDs and I are going to meet two rescue kittens on Saturday with a view to taking them home in a few weeks if we pass muster. Brother and sister 8 weeks old who have been hand-reared.

We are all beyond excited even though it means I shall be on Piriton for the first few weeks.

Just sharing really. grin

If all goes well, I'll be here asking for help. I haven't lived with cats since I lived with my parents.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 26-Nov-15 21:58:09

Ooh what are they like? no christmas tree for you this year then!.

ShutUpLegs Sat 28-Nov-15 17:21:48

Well, they were adorable, naturally. Handreared from 10 days old so very used to people - great for a shy and nervous DD2.

BoyCat is an odd wee thing - mainly black, with a white bib and some odd white spots - one hind sock, knuckles on a forepaw and a small spot by his nose. A very narrow head and ENORMOUS ears - he looks like a bat. Very gentle and snuggily with a powerful purr - he and DD2 bonded.

Girlcat is a tabby but with very beautiful and delicate facial stripes. Neat and contained and also very touchy-feely but gentle with it. DD1 has decided they are soul mates.

So - if DH signs off on the plan this evening (which he will), they will have 1st injections and chipping next week and then be with us shortly after that - possibly as early as next weekend - but that might be a bit optimisitic.

The foster family were AMAZING. I have never seen so many cats in one small house and the mum & daughter who were fostering clearly adored them all.

I am encouraged that I amde it through the hour-long visit on one Piriton - I was a bit wheezy for about half an hour after we left. I hope I'll acclimatise quickly.

Would we be mad to consider a tree? It goes in the front room which is the room to which the cats will have least access and only when we are in there with them. I kind of like the idea of bauble-madness....

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:51:40

I'm so pleased your taking the b&w one too, they get overlooked but the one's I've met are total lap cats.

The tree thing depends on how expensive the baubles were, obviously glass ones are out.

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