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Has anyone ever converted a shed for cats?

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FuckOffJeffrey Thu 26-Nov-15 16:33:39

Just that really.

We live in a rented flat that comes with a shed. The shed is in a state of disrepair and the roof has now collapsed. Our landlord said she was planning to replace the shed when we moved in 2 and a half years ago but it has not yet happened (and to be honest I don't see it happening anytime soon). I was thinking of either trying to rescue the existing shed by replacing the roof and missing window (or if needs be buying a brand new shed) and adding a microchip cat flap, some shelves, cat tree and a litter box etc. We don't have a ton of cash for this so I am thinking the cheapest option would be roof repair rather than a new shed as the microchip cat flap is expensive and we were hoping to get it all done for around £100/£150.

Our boy is still young (8 months) and due to living in a flat he only gets out the back garden (10 enclosed communal back gardens so plenty of roaming space) on days we are home and can leave the door open for him, adding a cat flap is not possible as we would need to do our door and the communal back door and as one flat is council owned I believe we would need permission from the council as well as all neighbours and landlord to do so. Our neighbour downstairs also has a pretty mean dog so we need to watch out for him when letting our boy in and out and it's a bit worrying. The dog is also the reason we can't go for one of those small purpose built cat shelters in the garden.

I have the idea we could let our boy out in the morning and know he has a safe place to go and sleep and we could put some dry food and water out for him. He does like to go out but is in and out every 30 mins. I know he wouldn't cope well with being out all day with no access back indoors.

I have been on google and can't really see anything in the way of sheds converted for cats. Has anyone done this and if so any tips or recommendations on the best way forward.

Sleepingtom Thu 26-Nov-15 19:58:24

My sister's cat had a cat flap into a shed (instead of their house) where he had a shelf to lie on by a window. He seemed to like it. You could put one of those cat igloos in it for when it is chilly or a box with a self-heating cat mat (you can get them on Amazon).

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