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Kitten food options....

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Admarks Fri 20-Nov-15 21:49:53

Sorry if there is any overlap with previous posts but didn't want to hijack!

We have two six month old kittens who we adopted from the RSPCA in August. We originally fed them on whiskas (following RSPCA advice) and quickly moved them to Wainwrights due to grey, loose stools. We soon learnt to never use whiskas! Over the first month we were back and forth from the vets to help- done extra worming, prokolin, stool samples vitamin injections.These all seem to help temporarily but vet hasn't been able to find anything wrong. They have always been bright and energetic and always had healthy appetites (except if given fish. They hate it)! It seems that they have really sensitive stomachs and we have found that Wainwrights kitten or Royal Canin sensitive works to firm them up.... We have been firm, with the the same exception of during their stay at a cattery and the week after their return (due to stress), since mid September.

I am hoping to slowly change their food as Wainwrights and Royal Canin is expensive - they are eating half wet and half dry food (still three times a day) but we still spend about £80 on cat food each month. I've heard butchers is good but worried that it would be too rich for them and could cause a regression to loose stools. Does anyone have any recommendations? Should I wait till they're older to move them on to adult food (Ps - they hate fish- won't eat it, despite hovering up everything else!)

EllieJayJay Fri 20-Nov-15 21:57:08

My little fur ball had terrible tummy issues for us she can now only stomach whiskas

But I originally had her on Felix based on recommendation and oh dear the smells...and poor little thing had such a poorly tummy.

So to get over this I had her on chicken with rice until she got settled in (took a week)and then slowly moved her onto whiskers little whiskas with chicken until her tummy was happy with it - now she is fine smile and funny this one hates fish too smile lives for chicken smile

The felix had also upset my old girls tummy and my boy wouldn't eat it (he lives for fish) but all fine with the whiskas kitten after the slowly introduce approach

Hope that helps in someway

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