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Cats and roads: how busy is too busy?

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LikeASoulWithoutAMind Fri 20-Nov-15 15:57:29

We're looking at a house to buy, it's great but it is on a main road. Not the busiest main road in our town but definitely not a side road either.

Would it be a total no-no with a cat? We've always lived on much quieter roads before. We'd obviously try not to let the cat out of the front door and see if we could secure the small sections of fence that lead to the front of the house (I'm assuming there's something safe but off putting we could put on the top to discourage the cat?)

Love the house but feeling sad if it means I can't have a cat (our previous cat died earlier this year and we are just starting to feel ready to get a new one once we're moved and settled)

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Fri 20-Nov-15 15:58:41

Don't know if it's relevant but it's quite near the edge of a 20 zone so the cars are in theory doing 20-30mph.

thecatneuterer Fri 20-Nov-15 16:00:15

Well it's definitely too busy for a cat to be out at the front. If you can secure the back garden with Protect-a-puss or similar that should be OK. I would also go for a street-wise, middle aged cat to reduce the risk.

PolterGoose Fri 20-Nov-15 16:04:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PolterGoose Fri 20-Nov-15 16:11:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Fri 20-Nov-15 17:26:00

Thanks, that's really helpful. I will definitely look into Protect-a-Puss. Behind the house, the garden backs onto other gardens that lead to a very quiet cul-de-sac, so I think it's OK on that side.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Fri 20-Nov-15 17:34:00

I live on a very busy village high St. Constant stream of cars, buses and some lorries.

Have always had two cats and in 14 years only one has been run over.

We previously lived on a dead end road for five years and one was killed there.

I have never seen my cats out the front, though one obviously did go on the road. But from what I see they stay in the neighbour's gardens.

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