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Under floor heating & litter tray

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Lasvegas Thu 19-Nov-15 13:36:15

We will soon need to put heating on. 2 Kittens inside only for next few months. What can I put litter tray and their food/ water on that wont conduct the heat? Steaming litter tray yuk!

chemenger Thu 19-Nov-15 13:44:40

I think you either want want to lift the tray so that there is an air gap below it, so put something under the four corners - the same for the food (put it on a tray and raise the tray)or you could try a sheet of polystyrene, which would insulate it. Is the whole floor hot? We have some electric underfloor heating in the kitchen, really just to make the tiles feel warm underfoot, but there are areas which are not heated and that's where the food and tray go. The bathroom floor is pretty much all heated, and its warmer, so over the winter there is never fewer than one cat in there. Recently there have been terrible battles for the blanket on the bathroom floor, so we have had to add a second one.

Lasvegas Thu 19-Nov-15 14:45:27

Newish house and yet to use UFH as v mild weather. Kittens new to us also so not sure where it will be hot or not. It is whole of downstairs and gas heated UFH.

They came to us at 8 weeks old and so far have used litter tray without accident, I don't want to move it too far a way from where it is in one go in case they have an accident.

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