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Cat's got the suggestions please!

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acatcalledjohn Mon 16-Nov-15 19:52:21

JohnCat has today been to the vet due to runny poos and the resulting stains we end up with (today I have had to wash curtains, a sofa cushion cover, and bedding), and he has been put on a gastro intestinal diet and a week long course of antibiotics. Given the rather limited interest he had in the dry food tonight, I thought it sensible for potential future suggestions (assuming this diet works). As his bowel movements are still regular, his intestines feel fine, and he has not lost any weight, the vet isn't particularly worried at this stage.

He's currently on Royal Canin Veterinary Gastro Intestinal wet and dry. Up until this visit we had been trying him on gluten free food, but that made him much worse liquid. In the past he's been on Hill's prescription diet T/D, but that also didn't really agree with him.

So if you have or had a cat with the squits, what did you feed them to fix it?

isseywithcats Tue 17-Nov-15 16:58:52

plain boiled chicken or white fish for a few days and then slowly introduce the normal food

acatcalledjohn Tue 17-Nov-15 19:41:44

Ooh, I'll bear that in mind. Thanks for the tip!

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