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Can I show you this photo? I'm so happy!

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HemanOrSheRa Fri 13-Nov-15 20:28:40

It's been a rocky road. But finally my cats are all snoozing happily. In the same room! The dog has spent the last two months or so wandering around looking like this shock confused due to the kitty disturbances . She loves everyone and everything. But here they all are cozy and happy! smile

AprilParadox Fri 13-Nov-15 20:31:54

I understand your joy, had similar situations with my pets. I have found that as the weather gets colder the cats are more affectionate so they can suck up some doggy warmth, naughty little users but at least peace reigns. Enjoy

HemanOrSheRa Fri 13-Nov-15 21:20:08

Thanks April! I should have said in my OP, there are TWO cats in the pic. I typed out a great long post and lost it. Grrr!

Madam, my older cat, is snuggled on one of the chairs under the dining table. Little Goof is the new edition on the sofa. I catnapped Madam a few years ago after her owners abandoned her. She is a feisty but loving girl. When I brought Little Goof home (under similiar circumstances) she HATED him on sight. I was completely shocked as nothing much frightens her. But he did sad.

She became an angry, spitting ball of fury. Refusing to come in other than to eat hmm. Little Goof is an idiot and has persisted in trying to make her love him!

Madam and I had an altercation earlier this week. She whacked me around the face which is not like her at all sad. But I think you are right, this coincided with the cold, wet weather arriving! I think her throne on the covered porch wasn't quite as inviting.

She was telling me 'I hate you for this. I shall never forgive you. But for now this suits me. Now feed me Dreamies' grin

Pipestheghost Sat 14-Nov-15 06:42:45

Good to see she's got her slave well trained wink
Lovely picture, a rare glimpse of pet harmony smile

iloveeverykindofcat Sat 14-Nov-15 08:24:27

Lovely. One of these days you'll catch her giving him an officious washing!

FrancesNiadova Sat 14-Nov-15 18:27:36

My naughty girl just likes the warmth of the radiator!

milkmilklemonade12 Sat 14-Nov-15 19:14:02

Oh isn't that just precious?

Our cats always used to get moody with the coming of the rain. Especially when they can't go out properly for days. Well, the could of course, they just wouldn't wink

HemanOrSheRa Sat 14-Nov-15 20:36:02

Well, Madam Grumpy Pants spent the whole night inside for the first time since the end of August, when Little Goof arrived. She went out for a brief pre breakfast stroll and then spent the whole day indoors!

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