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Run over cat

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Pointlessfan Wed 11-Nov-15 20:00:06

Not my cat, but round the corner from my house this afternoon a lovely black and white cat had been hit and the driver had just driven off and left it to die in the road.
A lovely young man had seen it and was diverting the traffic around it, he also called a vet who was coming to collect the cat to check for a chip. I stayed with him to help divert the traffic but couldn't do much as I had toddler DD with me and no pushchair.
I'm feeling really sad about it now, how could the driver have failed to stop. I feel so sad for whoever the cat belonged to that they probably received a sad call from the vet.
If this was your cat, a lovely man did all he could to protect him until he could move him safely and I gave the poor thing a little stroke. He wasn't alone.

Vinorosso74 Wed 11-Nov-15 20:05:08

Poor cat. Good on you and the other man for being with him. As for the driver who drove off, I have a string of expletives but will refrain.

Pointlessfan Wed 11-Nov-15 20:07:53

Giving my cat an extra cuddle tonight, feel so sad for the other cat's owner.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 11-Nov-15 20:21:20

Poor thing, people are so cold hearted to animals.

Pointlessfan Wed 11-Nov-15 20:22:43

I know, I couldn't even leave a wild animal to get flattened in the road let alone someone's pet.

timtam23 Wed 11-Nov-15 21:48:27

A very sad post but good for you OP for stopping to help (and for the kind man as well)

Oldraver Thu 12-Nov-15 12:22:32

Someone hit, and I think drove off from my cat. He was seen and moved from the road by someone and was later picked up by the council who contacted me.

I'm so glad someone took the time to move him and he wasn't left to be squashed

Pipestheghost Thu 12-Nov-15 12:51:20

Good on you for helping. One of my cats was recently killed on the road. To say we were devastated is an understatement. It's a shame more people aren't as considerate as you are.

frostyfingers Thu 12-Nov-15 16:36:11

My cat was hit on the road and someone (not the driver) not only took the time to take him off the road but found an old towel and wrapped him in it, then walked up the road knocking on doors until he found us. I was devasted but so grateful for the time and effort he made.

Pointlessfan Thu 12-Nov-15 19:38:37

Those are such sad stories, I'd be devastated if anything happened to my cat. I'm pleased that there were nice people around to help though.

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