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My kittens have cat flu - little scrap really poorly

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Iwouldratherbemuckingout Thu 29-Oct-15 21:32:00

My poor little ones. Picked them up Friday, Saturday evening, little Albert, only 10'weeks old, started snuffling - took him to the vet Sunday, he's on antibiotics, eye cream, but has now stopped eating. The other two have started with it, they're all isolated.

He went back today as I'm worried, he's had an anti inflammatory to help him but no change. I've tried everything, vet said if he didn't start eating he'd best be in on a drip.

I'm heartbroken ??. I just hope they're going to be ok. My little Albert just wants to cuddle, and he's such a sweetheart but he has to be isolated. Bertie boo Bojangles wants to lie in the crook of my arm. And Ernest hummingbird just purrs like a motorcycle. Oh god!

The good thing is the older ones are getting more settled and now curious about the kits rather than terrified.

Oh please let them be ok - I live my littlies to bits, I can't believe this. I there wasn't even time to start their vaccinations before he got poorly.

cozietoesie Thu 29-Oct-15 21:38:59

Poor wee scraps - cat flu is a serious business.

Did you alert the person you got them from in case litter mates/other cats might also be affected?

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Thu 29-Oct-15 22:11:17

Yes, all info fed back - she's got one had to put in isolation as sneezing.

lorelei9 Thu 29-Oct-15 22:15:29

Poor little kitties
I hope they get better soon
Keep us posted won't you?

cozietoesie Thu 29-Oct-15 22:58:11

Best of luck to them.

KitKatCustard Fri 30-Oct-15 06:28:09

Good luck to your kitties. Hope there's good news soon.

brittanyfairies Fri 30-Oct-15 06:34:33

Can I say Ive had two kittens who have come to me with cat flu. One died in August at the age of 20 and the other one is the biggest boy in the village and is currently on my lap trying to knock the iPad out of my hand so I can stroke him. Fingers crossed for your little kitties.

cozietoesie Fri 30-Oct-15 09:49:53

How are they doing this morning?

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Fri 30-Oct-15 20:56:04

Today is ending better than it started! Very poorly little Albert this morning, so took him back to vet tonight. Hoover, he is definetly less sneezy and snuffle, and more vocal - but not eating. Vet gave him an injection to hydrate him, and lo and behold, he started eating the recovery food. So he's home and I'm fully stocked up with recovery food, cat milk to mix it and syringes. He's had two lots and has even had a little play.

Young Ernest Hummingbird and Bertie Bojanglea are sneezing fit to burst but scoffing and playing a little, and all 3 just love snuggles.

Just wish I could snuggle them on the settee in front of the TV, instead of them being in isolation, but can't risk my others even though they are vaccinated. Sigh!

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Fri 30-Oct-15 20:57:04

Am exhausted with it all - have given in and indulged in big bag of minstrels!!!!

lorelei9 Fri 30-Oct-15 22:00:05

Well that sounds like an improvement
And you definitely needed the Minstrels.

Hope for more improvement in the morning.

sashh Sat 31-Oct-15 09:19:18

Poor things.

I fostered kittens who had flu, so I'm adept with the eye cream and pills. They were re homed as happy healthy catletts (made up name for that stage between kitten and Cat)

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Sat 31-Oct-15 19:05:50

Good news! Albert is busy scoffing today - both the recovery food and normal kitten food! In fact all 3 were proper playing, sneezing has reduced though still very snuffly. Oh I hope they're turning the corner!!!!

lorelei9 Sat 31-Oct-15 20:18:10

Oh I hope so too! That is good news.

cozietoesie Sat 31-Oct-15 21:00:25


wtffgs Sat 31-Oct-15 21:59:44

Aww - a shite vet told me to put DTabby to sleep as a kitten. DTabby has now had 15 magnificent years - 13 of which were Top Cat in the neighbourhood! All of my rescues had cat flu and two are going strong into the mid-teens. Hugs and purrs! <kitten paw emoticon>

snicks1977 Sun 01-Nov-15 00:03:59

Vets and there let's put cats out of their misery are not very popular with me at the moment! My own experience with my dear old lady cat - grr

My childhood cat Pumpkin had cat flu my mum say up with him for pretty much 48 hours straight and he lived until 12 X

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Sun 01-Nov-15 09:33:05

Hmmmmm. Look who managed to escape the kitten compound this morning but seemed rather Taken with his breakfast!

lorelei9 Sun 01-Nov-15 10:51:39

Yay! More pics please!

cozietoesie Sun 01-Nov-15 11:10:20

Little blighter. What food was nicked?

Iwouldratherbemuckingout Sun 01-Nov-15 11:55:59

It was his own breakfast - so recovery food and kitten milk - but once ensconced back in the kitten compound he started on normal kitten food! Yay!

cozietoesie Sun 01-Nov-15 12:18:20


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