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Cat with flap driving us crazy

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ChocolateJam Mon 26-Oct-15 17:19:44

Background: Our cats used to have 24/7 access to outside through an open window. We then had problems with neighbourhood cats coming in, fighting with ours and eating their expensive food. We tried various things, including shutting them in at night. This worked well in winter but when the weather warmed up Grey Girl started waking up DH at 3:00 every morning, asking to be let out. To add insult to injury she would then often half an hour later decide she wanted to come back in, jump on the windowsill and set off the burglar alarm!

So then we bought a Sureflap. Ginger Girl wanted nothing to do with it and decided that she would now be an indoor cat, except when we're home and the doors are standing open. Grey Girl mastered coming in through the flap fairly early on but it took her around 8 months to master going out. That was it, we thought, problem solved. Until she decided that it's fun to sit in front of the flap and poke it with her paw, then draw her paw back and the flap goes ke-DUNK. She does this over and over in the early hours of the morning until we all wake up. We don't think it's a case of that she's struggling to go out because if she wants to go out, she goes. If we lock the flap or put something in front of it then it's back to her coming to wake us up at 3:00. We can't shut our bedroom door as Ginger Girl sleeps with us and needs access to food and litter tray.

So wise MN cat lovers, any advice? And sorry about the thesis!

cozietoesie Mon 26-Oct-15 17:25:52

...then it's back to her coming to wake us up at 3:00...

Uh Huh. She wants attention. How much ordinary play/attention does she get normally of an evening?

ChocolateJam Mon 26-Oct-15 18:40:05

I don't know Cozie... she never woke us up when she had an open window and could come and go as she pleased. She's a bit odd... she likes to come and talk to you loudly, maybe even rub up against your legs, but she doesn't like being touched much. DH and DD can pick her up and cuddle her for a bit but she really doesn't like me and I battle to get hold of her. She only ever plays with the cord of DH's earphones that plugs into his laptop. Oh and she's 11 already so not a playful youngster any more.

ChocolateJam Mon 26-Oct-15 18:53:41

Just because I know one cannot think properly about a cat's behaviour if you don't know what she looks like... smile

gleam Mon 26-Oct-15 19:17:48

Ignore the cat flapping behaviour? When she doesn't get a result, she mighy stop?

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