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HELP! Cat escaped before vaccinations! (Photo)

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LeftMyRidingCropInTheMortuary Sun 25-Oct-15 18:24:28


I got Kenzo, a 9yr old rescue cat a few weeks ago. She was well looked after but the lady had to give her up. No indications re whether she had been vaccinated before so we got her tested.

She tested negative for cat AIDS and leukaemia.

She was given the first part of her vaccines a week ago.

She escaped tonight - spent a few minutes running up and down the communal flat stairs (which are very clean but have free access to the outside) and then a couple of minutes in my neighbour's garden.

She is due to return for second part of vaccines in 2 weeks then I've to wait another 2 weeks before officially letting her out.

Help! Could she have caught something? Is she ok to still get the 2nd part of the vaccine or do we need to start again/blood test her again?
Is it likely she had been vaccinated if she is 9yrs old and tested negative.

I realised I'm probably being Precious First Cat!

Thanks in advance.

Here's a pic of the naughty cat!!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 25-Oct-15 18:26:21

Probably very, very minimal chance she's picked anything up. Carry on with vaccinations as planned.

AnotherEmma Sun 25-Oct-15 18:27:55

She looks lovely, congrats! smile

As she only got out for a few minutes, and didn't come into contact with other cats, I think you're probably being a bit "Precious First Cat". You could mention it to the vet when you take her in. But my inexpert opinion is that she'll be just fine smile

LeftMyRidingCropInTheMortuary Sun 25-Oct-15 18:38:42

Thanks guys. I'm the one who's injured! I fell and impaled myself on my neighbour's gate trying to catch her! Have a massive bruise on my arm - it's thumping away. Going to be impressive in a day or two. I also jammed the door to the outside (it's usually left open but I closed it to keep her trapped in the stairs) and had to get my neighbour to help me force it back open.

Shat myself at one point cos I thought she was going to jump through the banister railings - was too scared to grab her at that point.

Lost £3 worth of smoked salmon trying to lure her back in as well! (No-one will want it after I dropped it in the grass!)

She seemed a bit unsure about being outside. Eventually went back in the flat when I just propped the door open, moved away and let her go back in of her own accord.

Can't believe I lasted nearly a month before her escape! I must have got lax tho!

This is how much I love her after just a short time though!!!


LeftMyRidingCropInTheMortuary Sun 25-Oct-15 18:48:28

Just checking Dr Google -
Apparently they only get leukaemia & aids by being bitten by another cat. That definitely didn't happen.

I might just phone the vet anyway.
Yes, I'm going to the one of "those" mothers!

thecatneuterer Sun 25-Oct-15 19:04:31

She'll be fine. There's no need to phone the vet they'll think you're bonkers

Devilishpyjamas Sun 25-Oct-15 19:07:23

Of course she's fine. Chill.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 25-Oct-15 19:13:20

I think vets have all cat owners down as bonkers.

LeftMyRidingCropInTheMortuary Sun 25-Oct-15 21:05:26


LeftMyRidingCropInTheMortuary Sun 25-Oct-15 21:12:39

My arm!

Adds to the twisted ankle i got putting her in cat box!

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