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Letting Cat out for first time

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Northumberlandlass Thu 22-Oct-15 08:59:39

I have posted about this before, but would like your thoughts please.

Lulu is now truly established as a member of the family. When we adopted her (she is 4) she had always been an indoor cat, she is still quite nervous & jumpy but I am her slave human and she sleeps on my chest etc. As she is an indoor cat, we have scheduled playtimes, she has learnt to play which is lovely.

She has been in our backyard a few times and now sits looking out the window all the time. She looks desperate to be out - but I can't afford to cat proof our backyard or get a cat flap fitted at the moment.

I am out of the house all day at work Mon-Fri so when is the best time to let her out? I wouldn't want her to be out all day, so do I let her out when I get back from work for the evening and then bring her in for night? How do I do that?

Sorry, lots of questions. We also live near a few roads which makes me nervous. Anyway, I'm off tomorrow and debating letting her out for a while. Any thoughts?


pilates Thu 22-Oct-15 17:05:22

Could you perhaps let her out over the weekend when you are going to be in? Try and adopt a call/whistle that she responds to and when she comes back reward her. I'm sure as she comes from such a loving household you won't have a problem getting her back. It's very nerve racking to begin with. Good luck.

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