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Is it normal for a cat to live outside?

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Ubik1 Tue 13-Oct-15 21:01:13

I've had two rescue cats for two years. In the last four months cat A has become ridiculously soppy whil cat B appears to want to live outside. She comes in for you'd twice a day, is very nervous -semi feral - falls asleep for a bit on kitchen counter and then shoots out again.

I'm happy as long as she comes in for food - but is this normal? What about when temp starts dipping below freezing?

zarzu Tue 13-Oct-15 21:04:11

It seems normal for my cats. I leave the door open for them but they preffer to stay outside, other than the odd nap and cuddle and what not. They are extremely friendly though. During cold nights I don't let them go out though

Ubik1 Tue 13-Oct-15 21:10:30

She is very nervous but will come when I call her. She looks a bit thin and ratty while her sister is sleek and fat plump

last time we locked her in overnight we found her cowering behind a wash basket confused

LumelaMme Tue 13-Oct-15 21:14:54

Some cats either prefer or are used to be outside. I know a whole tribe of them at a riding stables who are spoilt rotten but never set foot in the house - they all have beds in a nice sheltered place and can go and sleep in the hay if they'd rather. Can you make sure she has somewhere cosy but 'outside' - in the garage or similar?

Ubik1 Tue 13-Oct-15 21:23:34

She seems to have adopted a neighbour's woodpile. Or she sleeps in the front garden under a bush.

She's actually fast asleep on a shelf in the kitchen at the moment. Perhaps I just need to accept that this the way she has chosen to live her life...

CMOTDibbler Tue 13-Oct-15 21:26:55

One of my three spends the vast majority of her time outside, and another one just can't be kept inside. Both are very happy this way, and do spend more time inside when it gets colder, though they equally could sleep in the lean to if they wished (they do sometimes, in the chickens spare hay)

The one who likes to be out most of her time is very slim and is the only one who gets fed on demand.

thecatneuterer Mon 19-Oct-15 22:58:57

I've just noticed this thread. You absolutely must have a cat flap. Timid/ semi-feral cats hate to feel 'trapped' inside. Once they know that they can just shoot out of the flap anytime they like they tend to relax about being inside and stay in more and more.

We will only home such cats to homes with cat flaps for this reason.

If you already have a flap then that's quite odd, and she will probably spend more time inside as the weather worsens.

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