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little poops

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cloudlessskies Sun 11-Oct-15 08:28:36

Hi all,
My female cat, who I trained out her of her litter tray and to go outside when she came to me (6 months ago), over the past few weeks has left some individual poops in the house. I thought at first that maybe they got stuck to her as she is long haired and then fell off in the house but on the occasions recently when this has happened her hair is clean (not too many details!) She has access to outside at all times through the cat flap and apart from once a few months back she pooped on the floor (I think due to really heavy rain outside) she has been brill.
Any ideas what is going on?

SacredHeart Sun 11-Oct-15 08:37:06

It could be a number of things, off the top of my head is it is cold out or there are neighbouring cats outside which is making her not want toilet outside. That added with the fact she has been used to going inside in a tray she may be telling you she has decided she would like to poop inside.

If I were you I would put a tray back in the house to get her pooping in one spot and (if you desperately can't deal with a tray) slowly retrain get back to outside.

Personally I think a free roaming cat that comes home to poop is the best of both worlds as it's fun for them but kinder on your neighbours.

cloudlessskies Sun 11-Oct-15 08:55:09

Thanks Sacred. I thought that it may be because she is scared outside too but then that doesn't explain that it is a single little poop as opposed to a full 'toilet'. Could it be territory marking in the house?

The neighbours gardens are fine as she doesn't really leave our garden and has her area in our garden where she toilets. I've only ever seen her 'go' there. smile

cozietoesie Sun 11-Oct-15 13:12:44

As Sacred said, it could be a few things but I'm half inclined to think that she might just be a little constipated - eg trying to do her duty outside, perhaps straining a little and not managing it at the time, but then coming inside and not managing to hold it all in when a wee bit finally forced out.

Is she just a young cat and otherwise healthy as far as you know? And has her eating and drinking changed at all recently?

cloudlessskies Sun 11-Oct-15 18:31:32

Hi cozie. Her poo is on the drier side due to her mainly having a dry biscuit diet. But the one I found yesterday was a fresh one and looked fine. Although she hasn't eaten as much over the past 3 days come to think of it, so I gave her some tuna yesterday as she'll always eat that. She doesn't really like wet food though so what should I do?

She is a year and a half old and in good health yes.

cozietoesie Sun 11-Oct-15 21:11:44

Has she been vetted recently? Might be worth a little visit if not.

Here's some guidance on the topic. I think I'd be getting her an inside tray if only for the duration. (It's always useful to have a tray on hand anyway just in case of eg sickness and house confinement.)

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