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How to deal with 2 very different cats and new baby?

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Cheesypop Sat 10-Oct-15 08:52:14

In just looking for some advice if anyone has been through similar. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant, first baby due early 2016.

We have two lovely cats, let's calls them A and B.

A arrived first as a 5 month old, pretty damaged having spent her life in one room of a filthy flat. She is aloof, princessy, bitey and demanding and we adore her. She is very small and timid and I think will ignore baby unless she gets a fright or annoyed and either takes a swipe or a bite which I am worried about sad

Cat B is the opposite. He is a huge flopping hug machine who will pester and cry for strokes and is inquisitive beyond belief. Wherever you are, he is there, attempting to sleep on you and be cuddled by you. He will try very hard to get into my niece's pram or bassinet when she is here and he is desperate for her (aged 5 months) to give him attention! So I'm worried he can't be left anywhere near the baby and will constantly require shooing away from it which isn't fun for anyone.

The safety of human baby is my first concern of course but I'm keen to make the new arrival as painless as possible for our fur babies. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? Should I be doing something now to prepare them? And how do I supervise the baby every minute of the day after arrival? confused

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 10-Oct-15 09:24:47

Put a bolt on the room the baby will sleep in (yours?) so the cat's cant sneak in.

Cats love small baskets to sleep in, a bassinet must be their idea of heaven.

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