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A tale of 2 cats - one skinny, one fat, both bloody greedy!

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Tinfoiled Fri 09-Oct-15 09:32:51

We've had them for 6 months and they're now other just over a year old. One is much more active than the other- out all the time, bit like a teenager, always after food and a slim, slinky kinda build. Other is a lazy home body also constantly on lookout for food - she eats scraps from the floor, licks people's plates and is spherical in shape. She has put on loads of weight since we got her as we just didn't think we'd need to monitor food (never did with 3 previous non fat cats). Clearly we do.

They have Applaws dried and nothing else except the odd bit of ham for bribery purposes. Have cut fatties portion down to 30g a day, which looks absolutely tiny and I feel really cruel! I have to watch them like a hawk when they're eating as she'll stick a crafty paw into the other ones dish.

I feel like all I do is fend them both off screaming for food whenever they see me. Is there another food which is maybe more filling? Will fattykit get used to tiny portions and actually lose weight (hasn't so far). Any advice?!

Thefitfatty Fri 09-Oct-15 17:29:35

I've got 5 rescues. All lived on the streets for a good while before I got them so they will eat ANYTHING. Of the 5 one is fat. I mean huge. But they all get the same food. I talked to our vet about it and she just shrugged and said "given that the other 4 are perfect weights this one is obviously just going to be fat." It made me feel better in that it wasn't my fault she was fat, and just helped me accept the inevitable

Tinfoiled Fri 09-Oct-15 21:53:13

Thanks Thefitfatty. Funnily enough my tubby cat is the one who came from a home and was never 'on the street' although her foster home had over 20 cats in it so she may have had to compete for food!
But maybe it is just how she'll be...

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