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Pet Insurance Advice Please

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hardheadedwoman Sun 04-Oct-15 18:22:30


My ginger boy has broken his leg and will be having an op tomorrow to have a plate inserted. Good news is he should make a full recovery.

Bad news is that whilst my current insurance cover should cover the bills, these are estimated at 2.5k. The on the policy the limit in any one year is 2.5k. So after he is recovered, I effectively have no cover for the rest of the year, of which there is almost 11 months left to run!

I need him covered for the rest of the year. Do I call the current insurer and ask if I can pay an additional premium to increase the cover? Or do I get out a second policy, is this even allowed? It was an accident so wouldn't be pre existing condition.

Any advice gratefully received.


Justgetknitting Mon 05-Oct-15 01:15:58

I don't think you can get a second policy as you are asked to declare this on the forms

I'd ask them to increase cover and if they won't take out a new one - as soon as you can take a lifetime cover policy and one that covers per illness/injury pet plan is about £10 a month I think.

I have a cat who has been very unwell and hopefully will have many years with us yet but the pet plan policy has been great and were at about £5,000 in vet bills paid for by them now x

hardheadedwoman Mon 05-Oct-15 08:24:19

Thank you, I'll do just that. Maybe my current provider will increase cover.

Sorry to hear about your kitty - good that treatment gives you a long time together

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