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Moving house with cats

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JaneAustinAllegro Mon 21-Sep-15 10:24:49

The last time we moved house was 8 years ago and we took our young cats from a London road to a country lane with fields all around. We're looking to move again, this time with elderly cats (13 / 14) who are used to their own domain.
There are two houses we're choosing between and I've got cat related issues with both. One house already has a cat living there, so presumably the house just smells of cat to other cats. How do you get rid of cat scent so that ours aren't freaked out and spraying everywhere, trying to claim the house as their domain? We get a bit of spraying if another cat comes into the garden so I can imagine that this would be misery for the soft furnishings!
We went back to the other house yesterday and met the neighbour, and discovered that there's a labrador puppy just over a very low fence (and who has already left his "mark" in the garden), as well as lots of bunnies and guinea pigs. This leaves me in fear of our cats going next door to savage the rodents and being killed by the dog. Or beating up the defenceless puppy. Either way, a potential recipe for absolute carnage and neighbourly disharmony!
Please can some of you clever cat ladies talk me off the edge from this? (without suggesting snake oil, aka Feliway....)

hiddenhome2 Tue 22-Sep-15 14:24:25

Er, Feliway isn't 'snake oil' hmm

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