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my cat

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unsure2015 Sun 20-Sep-15 21:53:01

AM looking for some advice on my 20 yr old cat. Almost a year ago he was had some tests that showed kidney disease. He was put on a kd diet and tablets. He didn't eat the kd diet never mind the tablets he also got seen once a month by the vet anyway he got much better that the vet redone the test as he wasn't showing any signs of illness but they still showed kd. Fast forward to last week he became very loveing purring a lot but he also became off his food most of the time his litter habits have been odd to say the least such as hardly using it to me changing the whole thing once a day. His poos have been odd as well some very dark some light some hard to some runny and to day there was poo all over the wall while the litter tray is that says it was quite a violent movement. He also seems sad if that makes sense .
I am calling the vet tommorw but some advice tonight will be nice

unsure2015 Sun 20-Sep-15 21:53:43

Also so sorry for my writing grammar spelling

cozietoesie Sun 20-Sep-15 21:58:38

He's an old, old boy, unsure.

MissMarpleCat Sun 20-Sep-15 22:59:41

Like cozie says he's an old old boy. Lots of cuddles and stroking. Just love him lots and tell him how much you love him too. Cats are sentient beings, as far as I'm concerned.

unsure2015 Mon 21-Sep-15 08:51:13

Am dreading calling the vet because I know he will say mention putting him to sleep like he has since his kd .I really just want to leave it but that would be selfish. I don't want him suffering but at the same time I want him here for as long as possible

cozietoesie Mon 21-Sep-15 10:13:06

Have you called the vet?

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