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Cats and pregnancy

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artisanroast Sat 15-Aug-15 02:54:29


This is not a 'can I have cats during pregnancy' thread.

Instead its to say how wonderful my 2 female cats are! I am just over 30 weeks and my 2 non-affectionate cats now refuse to be more than a meter away from me!

Its like they take it in turns to protect me even going so far as following me when I get in the car (yes one tries to come in the car with me) and my shy kitten has now started to follow me when I go for a walk! They follow me round our flat and one insists on sleeping either at my feet or on my arm all night. If one isn't with me the other is. When I go out there is always one at the window waiting until I get home.

The only thing with the following is that I am having to keep stocking up on dreamies and doing a runner to stop them from following me - Tescos is no place for a cat. Although to be fair on my girls it says no dogs but nothing about cats...

Has anyone else experienced these types of behaviour?

I am feeling the cat love and just wanted to share grin

PettsWoodParadise Sat 15-Aug-15 09:50:25

My Tom cat used to like sitting on my pregnant belly but before that wasn't much of a lap cat. I think cats sense things like when you are poorly and they know to cuddle up to you. When DD was born he'd sit under the pram protecting her I would think. Never any jealousy over new baby. We did get a cat net for pram just in case though....

I think this is a wonderful aspect of having animals in your life and thank you for sharing your story, it is delightful.

BeautifulBatman Sat 15-Aug-15 09:55:22

I've got 5 cats and I'm 31 weeks in. I cannot believe the fuss people make about keeping cats when pregnant. Totally uninformed hysteria. I even change the litter trays shock. I just wash my hands and don't eat cat poo. Simples. Mine are all lovely. My favourite time of day is when my dh let's them in the bedroom in the morning and we all have snuggles and snoozes.

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