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Owning cats but travel a lot - what to do?

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5446 Thu 13-Aug-15 08:19:22

We've been offered two kittens who were found dumped. They will be 12 weeks old when they come to us, having had a bad start in life.

We have a small flat and, due to various wild animals in the area, would have to stay as indoor cats. Problem is, we travel quite frequently with at least four trips before the end of the year of about 1-2 weeks each.

Is it harsh on the kittens to be leaving them so frequently? What do you do with your cats while you are away?

ShipwreckedAndComatose Thu 13-Aug-15 19:40:11

We have a neighbour who fed our cat but we only went awa 1 or 2 times a year. Any more would be too much of an imposition. You can also put them in a chattery but that is expensive. I know of some who take their cat with them as they always visit the same place.

Personally, I would worry about taking on kittens when you travel so much

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