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Cats and the dangers of plastic bags and bags with handles

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AuntPorridger Thu 13-Aug-15 02:03:54

I'm posting because today we lost a sweet, affectionate friend, Archie, who belonged to our neighbour and who visited us several times a day just to say hello and to have a cuddle. Archie was a big black cat with one cloudy eye and a crazy purr. He was always up for being stroked or patted and never seemed to mind when our own cat rudely hissed at him; he was always extremely tolerant and forbearing. Archie disappeared on Friday and after days of searching his owner discovered that he had somehow got caught up in a neighbour's garden bag and died, probably after panicking and getting asphyxiated by the handles. As you know cats are extremely curious and love bags but they can easily get tangled up and strangled in bag handles or suffocated by plastic bags. Please keep plastic carrier bags away from cats, especially if you're not in the room to keep an eye and cut the handles of any carrier bag to make sure that a cat cannot get strangled. Finally if you have empty garden bags or other bags lying around outside, please remember what happened to Archie and put those bags safely out of a cat's reach. Archie, it's hard to believe you're gone. We will miss you so much sad sad sad

Toffeewhirl Thu 13-Aug-15 02:14:04

That is so sad. I'm sorry you've lost Archie. He sounds like a lovely cat.

I am always careful to keep plastic bags away from our two cats, as I've seen how curious they are about them and I worry about safety. But so many people probably don't realise.

Thanks for posting this.

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