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Kittens pooing everywhere!

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MimmeeBack Sun 09-Aug-15 11:21:34

Any advice would be gratefully received.
2 weeks ago I adopted two kittens, brother and sister, thst had been abandoned at a vets.
They are about 14 weeks old now and we're using a litter tray at the vets.
They both use the litter tray at home for wees and poos but also seem to poo everywhere else too! I have cleaned up 4 poos this morning already. I clean the carpet with spray from pets at home, and antibacterial stuff, but the living room is smelling vile at the moment as it's so warm.
I have been sprinkling lavender to deter them from pooing in the same places but they just poo elsewhere.

I remove dirty litter from the box as I'm aware they don't like dirty boxes.

what can I do? If I have to pick up another poo today I might cry!

PiperIsTerrysChoclateOrange Sun 09-Aug-15 11:27:18

Have you though about keeping the kittens in one room so the litter tray and food plus beds are all in one place. Keep the boxes far away from food and beds.

I suggest a room with an easy to keep clean floor, such as the kitchen.

MimmeeBack Sun 09-Aug-15 11:32:27

Kitchen is tiny so not sure if that would work.
They are mainly downstairs, which is just kitchen and living room, and only poo in the living room, so I put the litter box where they seemed to be pooing most. I would guess each kitten poos once in the box each day, then a couple of times on the carpet, behind the sofa or the table.

timtam23 Sun 09-Aug-15 12:08:07

Are you using the same litter as they had at the vets? Sometimes the harder more "gravelly" litters can be a bit harsh on tiny paws, when my cat was a little kitten we used Cats' Best Oko Plus which is much softer, or you can get the wood pellets which turn to sawdust when used. Agree with removing soiled litter and also maybe another tray would help as you have 2 kittens? They may have decided early on that they each want their own tray!

MimmeeBack Sun 09-Aug-15 13:39:42

Did have the gravelly litter but switched to wood as I think that's what they had at the vet. next step will be another litter tray then! its frustrating as I have seen them both pooing in it!
They are too sweet to be annoyed at though grin

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