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Another multiple-cat-problem thread!

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TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Sat 08-Aug-15 17:02:16

Having just seen Izlet's thread about her cats' relationship I thought I'd ask for suggestions about mine.

Two of mine are sisters, 3 years old, not pally any more but generally amicable. One is a bit dozy, very lovable & affectionate; the other, who was always Top Cat, is very smart, ignores catnip, plays fetch & calls for attention when she wakes up in an empty room. Third cat, coming up for 2, is a bit mad, very lively (looks to have some Bengal blood) & loves playing chase but nobody else does.

Top Cat recently started growling & swiping at mad cat. I don't know why it started but now mad cat seems to be going out of her way to annoy Top Cat, mainly by lurking under bits of furniture & pouncing as TC walks by. TC is not amused but instead of standing her ground she runs, so mad cat gets her chasing 'game'; but TC is becoming increasingly upset about it, behaves a bit anxiously sometimes, & has stayed away from the house overnight twice recently (once for 24 hours & once for 36 hours, though both times she was starving when she came back so maybe was shut in somewhere)

TC also spits at her dozy sister now when dozy one is just coming to touch noses sad

So, like Izlet, I'm wondering if getting another cat might help settle things down - I'm thinking another very lively one for mad cat to play chase with might get her off TC's back?

Tiptops Sat 08-Aug-15 20:55:11

Ah tricky situation.

It's a big gamble - if new cat gets on with third cat and they play well together that would probably take some pressure off top cat. But no guarantees and you may be stuck with more conflict. <Sits firmly on fence>

I have quite a few cats and to be honest tend to separate the younger ones from the seniors if they bully. They could be really nasty to my sadly departed first cat so I didn't give them the opportunity. She was on edge if they were nearby, so didn't seem fair to subject her to them.

TheOneWiththeNicestSmile Sun 09-Aug-15 21:47:52

Thanks, Tiptops ��

It is a dilemma. If I got a kitten, although it would be lively to begin with it might not stay that way. Wondering if a Bengal cross would guarantee lots of chasing action...?

TC has buggered off again since yesterday evening (but seemed quite calm before she went).

They do all eat side by side (when she's here) without a problem, which I think means that she doesn't feel too threatened.

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