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QueenFuri Fri 07-Aug-15 20:05:09

Hello wondering if anyone can help, my one year old indoor cat got out somehow today and it was a few hours before I realised bad I know but she often goes and hides for hours at a time and I feel so bad. I took her to the vet for a check up as I found her stuck under rubble and it came to light she was attacked bt a cat it cost 70 in the vet which I had to take out my overdraft as I had due to circumstances. I have animal friends prime insurance would her injuries be covered? I don't mind the fees but is this what I pay insurance for?

gamerchick Fri 07-Aug-15 20:10:01

It depends on your excess... Ours is about 150 quid I think.

QueenFuri Fri 07-Aug-15 20:16:00

Its 99 I think I will need to look up the documents I've no idea about insurance I just pay it every month never had to claim against it for the cat or dog.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 07-Aug-15 20:40:49

Poor cat, was she wounded?. Our last injury was £93 for a septic claw that he ripped off twice in a fortnight fighting.

QueenFuri Fri 07-Aug-15 21:49:32

Yeah she has a little bite mark on her hide leg, I didn't notice it though as she was acting normally once I brought her inside. Vet said she may have to have it lanced?

Another quick question can the painkillers make her sleepy?

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 07-Aug-15 21:55:22

Poor girl. She must have been trying to escape the other cat.

Cassimin Fri 07-Aug-15 22:03:36

Our cat managed to break it's hind leg on first outing. Luckily it was covered by petplan insurance which we got free for 28 days when it was microchipped. Had to go to special bone vet, cost nearly £3000!
Needless to say we have kept up the insurance as he now has pins in his leg which may cause problems later on. Have never insured a cat before. Don't forget if you need long term medicine it's cheaper to get prescription off vet and buy meds on line.

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