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Young cat, new peeing problem, please help!

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crunchyfrog Wed 05-Aug-15 14:33:46

CrunchyCat is nearly one. He's been very clean since we got him (aged 8 weeks), uses a tray in the bathroom.

When I was moving furniture in DD'S room a few weeks ago, he got upset and peed on the bed. He's now doing it whenever he can. I put a litter tray in there, still happened.
What can I clean it with to remove the smell?
He also pissed in the hall yesterday, but there were a lot of kids here, think he was cross.
Might he need more litter trays about the place?
I have a friend coming tomorrow who will be sleeping in Dd's bed, this is Not Good!

Scottysmum2008 Thu 06-Aug-15 12:52:13

Our male cat started to pee wherever he could in the house after being totally clean and using the tray.
He had 'come of age' and was marking his territory. We had him neutered and this problem stopped.
It may be worth speaking to the vet about what options there are, and if neutering isn't something you want for him they could possibly suggest other solutions to fix his behaviour.
There are plug ins and things that help to calm cats.
Good luck.

crunchyfrog Thu 06-Aug-15 13:12:50

He's neutered, should have said. Was done when he was still small.
I've washed the duvet in baking soda and scrubbed the mattress with it too - google told me to do it! Smell definitely gone as far as I can tell.
I can smell wee when I come in, so he's done it somewhere else the toad!

LastingLight Thu 06-Aug-15 16:00:07

I found that soaking in a mixture of vinegar and hot water and then washing as normal works. We had pee spots on the carpet, sprayed it a with a water and vinegar mixture a couple of times and the smell disappeared.

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