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New cat throwing up.. feed or not?

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AbandonShark Mon 03-Aug-15 10:56:02

Last night our new cat (2yo) did two runny poos in his litter box, then this morning threw up a lot on the floor, then another mouthful half an hour or so after that. (About 15 mins ago)
He keeps trying to open the cat food cupboard door though.. Bit worried about feeding him with an upset tummy though.

He last ate about 8am last night. Thanks for any help!

cozietoesie Mon 03-Aug-15 10:58:31

Where did you get him from and have you changed his food at all?

(Current advice is, I think, to feed them through an attack of the collywobbles - is he drinking his water and peeing OK?)

AbandonShark Mon 03-Aug-15 11:25:51

He's from a well known animal shelter. They said they vary the cats diet so they don't get attached to onebrand. I'm feeding him wet and dry as they did in the shelter.

He's peeing ok, doesn't seem to interested in his water though sad but loves his wet food.

BeautifulBatman Mon 03-Aug-15 11:27:39

If he's not drinking much avoid dry food for now. Can you just plain boil a little bit of chicken breast until his poo firms up a bit. flowers to you for rescuing an adult cat. smile

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