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Good pet insurance?

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cyclerunmum Mon 03-Aug-15 06:33:59

Morning all,

I am just sorting out pet insurance for our new kitten, and wondered if you have any recommendations?

I have a 14 yr old cat and 10 year old dog insured with Direct line, and they have been so since we got them (both under a year old), which as you can guess is now very expensive. The dog has addisons disease and as we only got 12 month cover (which was used up ages ago!) we are now paying for lifelong medication, blood tests etc so with hindsight we should have got cover with no time limit.

Cost is not really an issue, but I need good cover at a reasonable price.

Have done a comparison site search but know nothing about the policies offered, and will do some more research, but personal recommendation is always useful. Direct line were always fine to deal with, so no issues there.


midnightvelvetPart2 Mon 03-Aug-15 07:13:21

Ah sorry that your dog is unwell sad

I have Petplan lifetime cover for my cat, she's 5 and an indoor cat and it's £8 per month with an excess of £60. There are 3 tiers of cover and I have the middle one. I did a quote for an outside cat before we decided on her and it was about £12 per month.
I've had to make one claim last Christmas as she had ringworm, and it was smooth and quick with no problems. My vets insist you pay first then Petplan will refund it less the excess into your bank account, but they will pay vets direct if the vet allows it.
Their customer service is great, I had to phone them once as the dd failed and they were helpful and sorted it out really quickly.

GoooRooo Mon 03-Aug-15 07:15:58

Another Pet plan fan here. Ours is £26 per month for two cats but they are both over 8 years old which is when most insurances jump up.

We also had it for our dog at £25 a month and recently she had over £2k of treatment before she passed away so it was worth every penny.

Vinorosso74 Mon 03-Aug-15 08:32:00

Yep, Petplan are good. They aren't on the comparison sites. We switched late last year but due to age of our cat-12 we couldn't get lifetime cover.We've made 3 claims all for same condition and they've paid up ok. Unfortunately we've gone over limit for that condition. I'm happy with them.

kimbasmum Tue 04-Aug-15 14:09:40

Imho there is no perfect pet insurance policy around. I have researched them all extensively for my independent unbiased website - The Pet Insurance Guide ( So whatever you choose do check out my review of the strengths and limitations of the policy before you sign up! You will also find lots of policy details (including small print analysis, customer reviews etc).

As has been said above you won't get lifetime cover with Petplan for cats over 9 years old... but on the other hand they don't put premiums up when you make a claim as many others do!

LavenderRain Tue 04-Aug-15 17:05:31

I've just insured old cat (10 years old) and new kitten for £16 a month. Seems like good cover,
A lot of the companies I tried didn't want to touch a cat over 8 years old

kimbasmum Tue 04-Aug-15 17:49:33

You might be interested in this... a list of pet insurance policies which are happy to take on older pets.

cyclerunmum Tue 04-Aug-15 18:38:14

Hi thank you for these replies. I never thought to get a quote for both cats, as old man is now 14. Even at that age I have got a quote from Pet Plan for about the same as I already pay for him with Direct Line, and that includes new kitten covered on a lifetime basis! Looks like time to change over.

Thank you so much smile

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